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“Protect yourself from the menace of life long complications following inguinal hernia repair surgery with mesh”


There is no place to mesh prostheses in inguinal hernia repairs now because no mesh technique of “Dr. Desarda Repair” is available with superior results.



Read this article on recent study:


Use of mesh prostheses in hernia repair surgeries have not benefited over pure tissue repairs in last 10 years.


Recurrence after inguinal hernia repair at ten years by open darn, open mesh and TEP — No advantage with mesh
S.J. Nixon, H. Jawaid. The Surgeon, April 2009 (Vol. 7, Issue 2, Pages 71-74)


Can you really make a hole in a thin and filmy transversalis fascia to insert the Prolene Hernia System (PHS) as depicted in the picture below? Such diagrammatic presentation by many professionals on behalf of mesh manufacturing companies is nothing but a marketing gimmick. But at whose cost?

“Mesh is a foreign body, a simple piece of cloth prepared from the Prolene, Polypropylene or similar synthetic threads. Therefore, its use in hernia repairs is known to cause all sorts of complications like pain, recurrence, infection, rejection, migration etc. Many patients have filed adverse event report with the FDA. This is going on for years but still there is no outcome.”

Click below for medical research articles on the complications of infected mesh OR mesh migration in inguinal hernia repairs:

Extensive forum information on mesh complications following hernia surgery can be found here:   OR


Would you like to insert a piece of cloth inside your body? No!! Because, you know that inserting a piece of cloth inside the body is nothing but inviting a life time problem for yourself.


“There is no place to mesh prostheses in hernia repairs because no mesh technique of “Dr. Desarda Repair” is available with superior results.”


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1] No mesh, no foreign body

2] No chronic groin pain

3] Full recovery in one week

4] No risky dissection

5] No recurrence

6] No endoscopes