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“Protect yourself from the menace of life long complications following inguinal hernia repair surgery with mesh”


There is no place to mesh prostheses in inguinal hernia repairs now because no mesh technique of “Dr. Desarda Repair” is available with superior results.




My Hernia Repair at Poona Hospital

Grateful Patient []


Dear Dr Desarda

What follows is a brief feed-back about my recovery after returning to Europe


Every day after my operation (on December 18) I found noticeable improvements in pain levels and was able to move about more and more with less pain. I was surprised that on the 5th day of the operation I was already sitting comfortably in a plane on my way home.


The stitches were taken out on December 26 - no problems there. I would say that 2 weeks after the operation I was basically free of anything one could call pain. However, coughing or certain movements would still occasionally cause a little pinch. This also went away and by the beginning of the 2nd month after the operation I noticed absolutely nothing - no matter what I would do. 


I am so glad that I made the extra effort to come to you. I am free of any problems and since there are no artificial materials used, I know that there never will be any complications later on.


The alternative of a mesh repair - with this simple piece of cloth made of synthetic material - was for me just not a satisfactory answer. With your repair I know that there will never be one of those widely reported nasty surprises that mesh repairs are believed to sometimes cause (like entrapped nerves, or material failure or fatigue of some kind or the other). 


Also - I have no idea if this is always the case - but my scar is now mostly invisible. The lower half is still a little pink and slightly raised - but the upper half has completely disappeared. I still can't believe how well it all healed. With so little scaring I don't understand why some patients think complicated operations with endoscope are even worth considering.


I have noticed that worldwide, the list of surgeons using your technique is increasing rapidly. For myself, however, should I ever need a repair on my other side - I will certainly be happy to see you in Pune again. 


I like to thank you and your staff again and wish you all the best. 


Kind regards, from a most grateful patient


From: Mr. Dan [] Sent: Monday, February 08, 2010 5:40 AM To: Dr. Desarda Subject: Re: FW: Greetings from Dr. Desarda
Dear Dr Desarda
Thank you for the Holiday greetings! Sorry it took so long to respond. Finally getting a moment to write you back. Slowly getting back into the swing of things since my return...and the holidays were busy. How is everything? I am doing well. Everything seems to be healing good, little by little. Although the right testicle doesn't quite hang as low as the left. This must be from the operation on the hydroceole. Is this the normal result? This was a bit disturbing at first. Although it feels ok, and is getting better over time. Overall though, all seems to be well, and I think you did a great job. Thank you for fixing my hernia and everything else.
Mr. Dan USA


To: desarda Sent: Friday, August 29, 2008 2:24 AM Subject: Saxophone, and bills


Dear. Desarda,

Sorry for the delay in replying,  I was on holiday with my family in the USA. I hope to have a first cut of my web site ( ) on-line very shortly.


I am very happy with the result of my hernia so far.  Coughing is no longer painful. and I feel that I can swim even better than before. The only question I have is about playing  my saxophone.  You assistant said to wait 1 month. It's one month now - so I tried playing 2 days this week. It was really great to be able to play again. But afterwards the hernia repair felt a bit sore. It seems to me (to my surprise) that blowing the saxophone puts more pressure on the repair than even coughing! So for the moment I have decided to limit my saxophone playing for a while? What do you think?  How long?


Thanks in advance. D. Ausbery  FRANCE



David  Wednesday, April 16, 2008 2:24 AM TO: Brian OH <>Re: Desarda Procedure

I'd be happy to talk to you. Presently I'm in Las Vegas for a biz convention. Could you be so kind as to give me a call in 48-72 hrs when I'm back in Los Angeles? Call my cellphone (310.901.9006) anytime between 10AM-10PM (Pacific Standard Time) this Thursday-Monday, afterwhich a week from today I'll fly to the East Coast for a few weeks. I can't say enough good about my entire experience going over to India for Dr. D's proceedure. I'm doing very well and enjoying life to the fullest. FYI, I stayed at the Poona Hospital for a week following my proceedure so therefore had no need to stay in any hotels while in India. All the people I met were kind and professional, and if you like Indian food as much as I do then you'll love the hospital food. Talk with you soon Brian. Cheers!
David USA




From: Ron [] Sent: Monday, April 20, 2009 12:40 AM To: Mohan Desarda Subject: Movie from videos & Mailing Address?

Hi Dr Desarda,

 I am doing quite well and am almost back to my normal physical routeins. 

 I have put a 30 minute movie together relating to Puna hospital, your hernia repair, and my experience as a patient. It was made with Windows Movie Maker (and can be easily shortened or clipped if need be)  and plays with Windows Media Player. I am sending you a copy on 2 DVD's (PAL & NTSC formats) and a copy on a USB stick so you can copy it onto your computer. I am working on finding a way to put it out on the internet where people can click on a URL and watch it. I'll let you know when I do.


I just wanted to check to make sure that this is your mailing address before I mail it. Is this address OK?  

Ron Powers  USA




From: Saleh Haskouri [] Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2009 12:15 AM To: desarda Subject: Re: hernia repair



Thanks for the operation. I need to know when I can take a shower and when I can start exercising. I am due to take the stitches out in two days




From: Pkay To: desarda  Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2008 1:37 PM  Subject: sutures out Dear Dr. M.P.   (second opinion please)

I have had the sutures removed today at my local GP. He feels that the incision area should not look this red  after 16 days (see attached pics) and  he thinks that the wound may be infected, either at the surface or deeper inside. He has given me a 10 day course of antibiotics ...Keflex/cephalexin 4 X 500mg per day for 10 days, and put the six adhesive strips across it, and asked me to see him again in 5 days to have another look at it. I have attached some pics taken close up about ten minutes ago ...pic number 8513 is the most natural skin color, it's taken without flash,  ...all the others are taken with flash on. In pic 8513, you may see what looks like some pink/red inflammation extending out slightly from the lower part of the is slightly sore to touch in this area but not painful. It is weeping/leaking slightly, visible in pic 8513 on the third piece of white strip  (third from the top) I still have the stabbing burning pain when rolling over in bed (left or right) during the night  but the good news is that I believe it is gradually decreasing. I will send you an update (and more pics) when I have had  5 days of Cephalexin

 Your devoted patient  Stuart:-)



I arrived safely and without incident. I've been handling 50 kilo loads without any adverse events and have been able to do my job fully as a ranch hand here in Santa Barbara. I don't recall removing stitches before but the procedure was quick and easy and there were no problems. incision site seems to be healing rapidly - much faster than I expected. still enough scar tissue beneath the surface that the incision site on the right (where you operated) protrudes out more than the left side where you didn't operate I do feel this scar tissue sometimes when I move or walk or make contact with that area & the scar tissue is hard enough that it resists deflection when I push it with my finger there does not seem to be any sign of inflammation so your decision not to administer oral antibiotics seems to be right on track I'm glad it worked out that way in the USA, I didn't realize that you were also going to Japan.

I'm glad that I made the extra effort to travel half way around the world and I'm grateful that you performed this procedure sincerely

(805) 967-9369
5812 West Camino Cielo Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93105 USA


Fred Amir []

"Dear Prof. Dr. Desarda,

I want thank you from bottom of my heart for sharing your knowledge and wonderful technique with the rest of humanity.

I live in California and was faced with surgery for inguinal hernia. Being concerned with the complications associated with the use of mesh, I was looking for a mesh-free operation. After much research and prayer I came across your tension-free. mesh-free, recurrence-free technique and learned about the great results your patients experienced with the Desarda repair. I decided this was the best option for me. However, due to the pain and discomfort associated with my hernia, I was not able to travel to India.

Since you have so generously shared your knowledge in many articles and videos, it was possible for a very caring and competent surgeon in Fresno, California, to repair my hernia with your technique. Like most of your patients, I experienced very little post-operative pain, in fact, I required no pain medications at all, and began walking shortly after surgery, followed by quick recovery. The complete account of my experience can be read at

Again, thank you for your generosity and compassion, and may God bless you and your family for all the good work that you do.”

Fred Amir, author of Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck Pain: A Nine-Step Recovery Plan

Kind regards,

Fred Amir


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