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“Protect yourself from the menace of life long complications following inguinal hernia repair surgery with mesh”


There is no place to mesh prostheses in inguinal hernia repairs now because no mesh technique of “Dr. Desarda Repair” is available with superior results.





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       Hernia center of the Indian Hernia Institute is located in Poona Hospital and Research Centre, a one of more than 250 bed hospitals in the city of Pune in India. Pune itself is located one hundred and sixty kilometers (one hundred miles) south east of Mumbai (Bombay) in the State of Maharashtra.

With its numerous educational and research institutes, Pune is often called the “Oxford of India” and is considered the cultural capital of the State of Maharashtra. The city is home to many software, automobile and IT companies and has a population of approximately five million.


 You can plan to arrive in Pune at any time. Make sure that you bring your regular clothes, money, passport with visa endorsement and personal items, just as you would normally do for tours and travel. If you are not accustomed to high summer temperatures you may avoid the months of March, April and May.


          The total price for our complete surgery and accommodation package is US $ 2500/- for a standard private room. (There is a small additional charge of US $ 100 for gases  in O.T.). This package price includes your hospital room charges, surgery fees, theatre fees, anesthetist fees etc. for stay of one night. All your meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day) are also included in the package price. If you wish to be accompanied by a partner or friend, they can share your private room at no additional cost. Any fluctuations below 60 INR PER DOLLAR in the currency exchange rate will be adjusted accordingly at the time of payment. The package is for a normal stay of 1 night. You need to send only a US $ 500/-nonrefundable advance fee for booking, the remainder to be paid on arrival in cash. Good hotels with hot and cold water and showers are available near hospital at the rate of US $ 50- 60 per day (No meals, only breakfast).


          The packages prices above are not applicable to those patients who may carry a higher risk of surgery due to associated medical conditions or recurrent hernia or hernia complications like obstructed hernia, or obesity, or inguino-scrotal hernias etc. Any additional costs for such patients can be arrived at after discussing your medical history with Professor Desarda. Should you wish to stay in your hospital room for more than one night; the accommodation fee (including meals) will be US$120 per day, excluding the cost of any medicines and any investigations that may be required in the wards. Any additional surgery like excision of a Lipoma of the cord or Varicocoele, if required during hernia repair surgery, will be charged extra at the rate of 200 US $  per procedure.


If you wish to avoid the well documented chronic complications so often associated with the use of mesh for inguinal hernia repairs, then you  can start immediately by having the basic tests (below) done in your own country to check if you are well enough to undergo the hernia repair surgical procedure. 


The tests are:


1. Hemogram

2. A Routine urine test

3. Blood/ Serum Sugar level (Fasting and Post lunch)

4. Blood Urea levels for kidney function

5. Hepatitis B test (Australia Antigen)  

6. Test for HIV (Auto immune disease-AIDS test)

7. Chest X-Ray report.

8. Ultrasound examination of abdomen for inguinal hernia.

9. ECG

10. Bleeding & Clotting time

11. USG abdomen and scrotum


Send these reports along with your other information such as


1. Height

2. Weight

3. Blood pressure

4. Any medical treatment you are currently undergoing.

5. Details of your past history of major illness or hospitalization or allergy.


The operative procedure is normally done under spinal anesthesia.  Our repair uses a strong muscle very close to the hernia site. A strip is repositioned from a nearby muscle called the external oblique aponeurosis. This strong strip of muscle is sutured onto the weak area so that the weak area receives a new support of natural muscle tissue. Moreover, the recurrence rate in this operation is virtually zero. For technical details of the operative procedure, please click on the 'technique' section of our web pages.


  Day 1: Admission and  Operation  


  Day 2: You are discharged to go home


The Following information will help guide you to Pune from your country.

1. Your flight will bring you to Mumbai (Bombay) a very large international city on the west coast of India. Mumbai (Bombay) Airport is also called Sahar International Airport. After passing through the normal airport arrival procedures, go to the airport Enquiry Counter and ask about the regular luxury air-conditioned coach services from Mumbai Airport to Pune. These buses are available immediately outside the waiting lounge of the airport. Alternately, you can hire a taxi from the airport to take you from Mumbai to Pune. Information about the bus and taxi charges is readily available at the enquiry counter. The current luxury coach charges from Mumbai airport to Pune are approximately 800/- Indian Rupees (INR) equivalents to US $15. The usual toilet and refreshment facilities are available at the airport, and safe drinking mineral water bottles are always available at the airport, bus stations, railway stations and shops.  


2. If possible, give us a telephone call on our mobile number of 9373322178 from Mumbai airport, so that we know about your arrival, and can help you in case of any difficulties.


3.  The distance from Mumbai to Pune is 100 miles (160 kms).  The bus or taxi will take about 3-4 hours to reach Pune.  Mumbai to Pune flights are available, but the bus or taxi is just as fast in overall time and much cheaper. The bus or taxi will make one stop in the middle of the journey for passengers to refresh or have snacks at a highway restaurant similar to MacDonald's.


4.  Your private transporter will normally drop you off in Pune at whatever address you choose.  Please note our address and give instructions to the driver to drop you at our hospital address.


ADDRESS:   1]  Poona Hospital & Research Centre

          27, Navi Peth (Lal Bahaddur Shastri Road)

          Pune-411 030

          Near Alka cinema/movie theatre 

     2] Galaxy Care Hospital

          2nd floor, Ayurved Ras Shala Building

          Near Garware College

          Karwe Road, Pune-411004


This hospital is well known to everyone in Pune. If the bus or taxi drops you near the railway or bus station in Pune, there are numerous local taxis available at the bus or railway station to take you to our hospital address within 15 to 20 minutes.


5. Once you reach Poona Hospital, please contact the medical officer in the casualty department, which is close to the main entrance of the hospital. The watchman on the entrance will also be happy to give you directions. Once the admission formality is completed, you will be taken to your room as chosen in your package. Our assistant will also attend to your immediate needs in the ward, and further procedure starts as per your schedule. Professor Desarda will visit you for a check up as soon as his time schedule permits. All check ups are done on the same day, and the operation is planned on the next day.


6. Payments: Although international Visa enabled credit cards can be used for withdrawing money at ATM centers in Pune, for your convenience we advise you to keep about US$2500-3000 in cash for payment of your package charges. We then make arrangements to have your US currency exchanged to Indian currency to cover all your package expenses like food, stay, operation, anesthesia etc. You can withdraw from ATM currency equivalent to INR 20000/- only PER DAY PER ACCOUNT.


NOTE: Patients from India can contact us by telephone or email for appointments, examination, charges etc. 


PA to Prof. Desarda


BUY A CD FOR $ 20 (Including postage)

(See the actual repair operation performed on direct, indirect & recurrent inguinal hernias on CD for only $20 including postage.)



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1] No mesh, no foreign body

2] No chronic groin pain

3] Full recovery in one week

4] No risky dissection

5] No recurrence

6] No endoscopes





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